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'We share the beauty of the world'

“Uyuni, words will never do, I enter San Pedro trembling. Was this real? Did I REALLY experience this? An ultimate feeling of happiness, excitement but at the same time a lump in my throat. That it’s over. Nature, so breathtaking, pure and untamed. The starry sky, I had never seen it this immense. The jeep tears across unpaved roads and surprises us at every turn. Every 2 minutes a window opens because we can’t resist capturing this view on camera to share with the rest of the world.”

This experience has been a great inspiration for starting UYUNI travels with the goal of ‘sharing the beauty of the world’. A picture or words can’t convey the overwhelming feeling of a new travel experience. That’s why UYUNI wants to enable you to experience it yourself. We offer tailor-made South America travel to your need and make the beauty of the world accessible, for both the traveller and the local environment.

We are former marketing and sales professionals with over 20 years of business experience and a great passion for travel. After participating in several incentive trips as employees and experiencing how these trips strengthen the loyalty and motivation of the team, we now organize incentive trips worldwide.

Foto Pam

Pamela Caris

Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world!
During my dynamic career in a leading multinational company I experienced how tailor made incentive travel can inspire, motivate and enlarge the loyalty to the company I worked for. And above all it was great for the team spirit, work became a fun place to be and that made us bloom to the max! Camp & squad ride in the deserts of Morocco, discovering Portugal by jeep and sailing boat, cook like a god on the islands of Greece, dressed like castle lords and ladies in ancient customs at Chateau Gerlach, discovering Rome by bike, a white beach party with over 100 colleagues….I feel lucky to have been part of that! 
In my personal life travel has always been my biggest passion. My parents showed my brother and me all corners of Europe from a young age, by car, camping, skiing. I developed a passion for discovering new places very early on! The world remained fascinating and when studying Economics in Groningen, I organised an international study project in Malaysia. During these summers, I worked for big mountain bike events across Europe and Canada.

Throughout my career I went on different big trips; Indonesia, South-Africa, Morocco, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Thailand, New Zealand. I couldn’t get enough and decided to take a sabbatical to travel around the world for a year. The first 5 months were in South America, I changed my plane ticket 6 times, what an astounding continent! The Inca culture of Peru, the heavenly beauty of Bolivia, the volcanoes in Chile, the gaucho riding in Argentina, the diversity of Ecuador, the colorful culture of Colombia, the amazing hikes and glaciers of Patagonia and the swinging cities across the entire continent. And above all, the beautiful connections made with the local population and my fellow travellers. I continued my trip and went to New Zealand, West Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Nepal, where I built a school with a group of travellers in a village destroyed by an earthquake. During this year, I experienced how (sustainable) tourism can positively influence the life of the local environment. I wanted to do something with this. Sharing the beauty of the world is the principle for setting up UYUNI Travels as incentive travel specialist. Planning, organising and sharing travel experiences is something I love and I look forward to sharing ‘the beauty of the world’ with you and the world around us!

Foto Jorine

Jorine Koelemeijer

During my career as a marketeer in several FMCG companies I experienced many incentive trips. Ofcourse they were nice breaks of the daily worklife to look forward to, but above all they were means to feel rewarded as an employee, to bond with colleagues and to return back to the workdesk with fresh energy and new ideas. Some amazing memories were made driving through beautiful landscapes in Croatia with oldtimers and visiting places where Game of Thrones have been filmed, discovering Friesland – the northern part of The Netherlands – which has been put on the ‘Best in Europe list’by Lonely Planet…. Or what about swinging Barcelona; discover the city by bike, enjoy the best tapas and party with your co-workers in a fancy beachclub?When I was a child, my parents would pack up the entire family and especially a lot of books into the car during the summer holidays. We didn’t go to a camping site in Belgium or a beach holiday in Spain. No, we went to places with names like Novesmorevich (I think) in the Czech Republic where we perfectly entertained ourselves doing nothing at all. France was also a favourite. As a child, it was amazing to sleep in a small village on the farmer’s yard with kittens in the barn.

During my study of business administration I became a member of an organisation which organised events for exchange students in the Netherlands. There, I met people from all over the world. It was great to have a drink with a new Chinese friend or camp in Drenthe with a group of people from all over the world. By now I’ve seen a little more of the world myself, especially Asia and America. I love advising the UYUNI Travels team as incentive travel specialist!


Inspiring, motivating and rewarding your employees? That’s what incentive travel is for and what we’d love to help you with as specialist! The people that passionately work for your company are the ones you want to reward in a sustainable manner and bind to your enterprise. Incentive travel is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Show your appreciation by providing your employees with the experience of a lifetime; invest in them in an unforgettable way.  You will strengthen the relationships within the group, which leads to better results at work. We’d love to sit down with you to discuss what suits you and your company best!

What’s the greatest challenge your company faces? Want to return from a team trip with new ideas and a new approach to achieve the desired results? Experience shows that coaching has a bigger impact and provides faster results in a new environment. We work with professional coaches that develop team building and challenges on site.

VIP/ relations trips
Invite your business relations
 for tailor made incentive travel to reward their loyalty for example, be together to strengthen your relations and/or to do business is a very efficient way that will quickly return its investment. A spectacular location definitely helps, we’d love to contribute!


Corporate background
UYUNI Travels is an specialist in custom trips for both tailor made individual and incentive travel. With more than 20 years of shared corporate work experience, we know very well what companies want and need for a successful trip and are excited to help you.

Our partners in the destinations have decades of experience in custom tourism, which provides a solid base for facilitating Incentive and VIP trips. Our joint experience and expertise enable us to offer custom trips that perfectly match your wishes. Groups are guided in their own language and our local partners can be reached 24/7.

Responsible tourism
With the view that traveling can benefit both the traveller and local environment, we collaborate with local entrepreneurs: agents, accommodations, gastronomy and transport to positively support the local economy, culture and wellbeing. We strive to keep ‘the beauty of the world’ intact. We do our best to offer trips, in such a way as to preserve the natural environment as far as we possibly can, so humans and animals can continue to thrive.


One of our advantages of UYUNI Travels as incentive travel specialist is that we’re globally active, allowing us to think big. We’d love to help you find the perfect destination. We can easily combine a work congress or business event with an incentive trip of any size. We will make sure to facilitate all elements from connections, local transport, accommodations and meals to unforgettable activities. Groups are guided in their own language and our local partners can be reached 24/7.


Are you interested, do you want to discuss your ideas with us in a non-binding manner, or do you already have concrete ideas for an incentive trip? Call or email us with your question. We’ll happily create a non-binding, customised schedule of the travel program with daily planning, budget and useful information.