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Top 7 company outings

Do you want to surprise your team with a unique company outing, but you don’t know which destination to choose? There are many possibilities to make your company outing unforgettable. Take a beautiful jeep safari through the Scottish Highlands, admire the Northern Lights in Lapland, go sailing with your team in Mallorca or take a beautiful walk with a local guide […]

Spain as an incentive destination

Sun, sea and tapas! The pleasant temperatures, hospitable people and beautiful cities make Spain a wonderful place. But is the country also suitable for an incentive trip? You can read all about it in this blog based on our new destinations! Get inspired for an incentive trip to Spain. […] 

Experience Finland and Lapland

Hi, welcome to this blog! Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anastasia Pop and I am doing my graduation assignment for UYUNI Travels! At the moment I am in my last phase of my education, Tourism Management in Rotterdam. From an early age I loved to travel and wanted […]

Destinations nearby

You don’t have to go far for an incentive trip … There are incredibly beautiful destinations for incentive trips nearby! The ideal of this is that these destinations are very suitable for a short incentive trip from 2 days. Above all, these destinations are easy to travel by car, bus or train! Get inspired about special destinations in Belgium, Canterbury, Germany & France!

Five sunny incentive destinations in and around Europe

Sunny vibes, beautiful beaches, water activities, breath-taking desert landscapes, magical ancient cities… What is better than enjoying these things with lovely weather? UYUNI Travels offers incentive trips to sunny destinations inside and around Europe! We will provide amongst others inspiration and information about the possible activities and the best travel time for Croatia, Jordan, Malta, Morocco & Spain!

Croatia incentive experience

How special is it when an employee receives a mini holiday as a gift from your employer, as a reward for achieving targets, for example? In this blog you can read along with a participant of an incentive trip to Croatia.
For weeks, the office has been talking about nothing else […] 

The best teambuilding activities

Give your team a boost and optimize the cooperation and efficiency in the group by team building activities! Survive in the rugged nature of Scotland or immerse yourself in Moroccan culture workshops. Read more about teambuilding activities in Norway, Croatia and Lapland, among others… 

Discover the beauty of Northern Europe!

The Northern lights, whale watching, fjord cruises and spectacular landscapes, do we need to say more? UYUNI Travels offers amazing summer and winter destinations for incentive travel in Northern Europe! We will provide inspiration, information about the highlights and possible activities for Iceland, Lapland, Norway and Schotland.

Things to do on the Gardenroute – South Africa

Firstly, I will introduce myself: I am Amber Krijbolder and I am doing my graduation internship at UYUNI Travels. Last year, I went 6 months to Cape Town for my study Tourism Management. During this period, I tried to find a lot of beautiful places in and around Cape Town. One of my […]

Bestemmingen wereldwijd

Voor een incentive reis hoef je helemaal niet ver van huis te gaan… Er zijn ontzettend mooie bestemmingen voor incentive reizen dichtbij huis! Het ideale hiervan is dat deze bestemming zeer geschikt zijn voor een korte incentive reis vanaf 2-dagen. Bovenal zijn deze bestemming goed per auto, bus of trein te bereizen, wat ontzettend duurzaam is! We bieden o.a reizen aan naar landen zoals België, Canterbury, Duitsland & Frankrijk […]

Zuid-Amerika als incentive bestemming

Zuid-Amerika heeft iets voor iedereen! Kleurrijke koloniale steden, uitdagende Andes, eeuwenoude culturen, dichtbegroeide Amazone, de lekkerste wijnen, gaucho rijden, culinaire verrassingen en bovenaardse natuurverschijnselen als de Salar de UYUNI. Ontdek samen met je team of klanten een van de bijzondere landen die Zuid-Amerika te bieden heeft tijdens een incentive reis […]

Ontdek noord Noorwegen

Huskies, sneeuwscooters, ijsvlaktes en igloos…