Destinations wordwide

Destinations worldwide


UYUNI Travels offers many destinations worldwide! From beautiful beach locations to snowy fairy tales. And from magical ancient cities to rugged landscapes… We offer it all! We wilde provide you with more information and inspiration about some of our worldwide destinations!

Destinations nearby

You don’t have to go far from home for your next trip … There are incredibly destinations for incentive trips close to home! The ideal of this is that these destinations are very suitable for a short incentive trip of 2 or 3 days. Above all, these destinations are easy to travel by car, bus or train, which is extremely sustainable! We offer trip to countries such as Belgium, France, England and Germany. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities

Destinations far away

UYUNI Travels offers some once-in-a-lifetime destinations far away from home. Can you image to dive into the Indian culture with amazing architecture and landscapes, festivals, traditions and spiritual beliefs? Or would you rather discover the diversity of South Africa? Where you can combine a safari with the big 5, a visit to Cape Town and a delicious wine tasting in one trip! 

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Sunny destinations

Sunny vibes, beautiful beaches, water activities, breath-taking desert landscapes, magical ancient cities… What is better than enjoying these things with lovely weather? We offer incentive trip to countries such as Croatia, Jordan, Malta, Morocco & Spain! These countries are known for the good temperatures, amazing cuisine, many activities and friendly locals

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Northern Europe

The Northern lights, whale watching, fjord cruises and spectacular landscapes, do we need to say more? UYUNI Travels offers amazing summer and winter destinations for incentive travel in Northern Europe… Can you image to explore countries like Iceland, Lapland, Norway and Scotland? These  destinations in are perfect for you and your team to avoid the crowd and enjoy the fresh air!

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South America

South America has something to offer for everyone! Colorful cities, the Andes, ancient cultures, lush Amazon, the most delicious wines, Patagonia, culinary surprises and heavenly natural phenomenon like Salar de UYUNI! Discover during your incentive trip one of the special countries that South America has to offer such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru!

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For more information about the possibilities for your next incentive trip or if you need help organizing it; feel free to contact UYUNI Travels here. With more than 20 years of shared corporate work experience, we know very well what companies want and need for a successful trip. Besides, we work with local travel partners with decades of experience – all aimed at providing an unforgettable travel experience. To stay up to date and for more inspiration visit our website

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