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You don’t have to go far for an incentive trip … There are incredibly beautiful destinations for incentive trips nearby! The ideal of this is that these destinations are very suitable for a short incentive trip from 2 days. Above all, these destinations are easy to travel by car, bus or train. Get inspired about special destinations in Belgium, Canterbury, Germany & France!

Belgium - The Ardennes

The Ardennes is the ideal location for active team building activities; think of mountain biking, kayaking, rafting or ziplining. For a little more peace and quiet it is of course possible to enjoy special sights. Admire castles, lakes and caves while enjoying delicious regional dishes such as delicious specialty beers, cheeses and hams! From Utrecht you will arive, by car or bus within 3 hours in the green landscape which is surrounded by hills, forests and rivers.

The Ardennes has  been a popular destination for incentive travel for a long time; this means there is a wide range of group activities and beautiful accommodations for all group sizes!

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Germany - city trips 

Germany is known for its vibrant cities, rich history, hotspots and wonderful terraces! Within 2.5 hours you can be in Cologne or Düsseldorf by car or train. A sustainable way and perfect for a short trip already possible from 2 days. One of the highlights of Cologne is certainly Cologne Cathedral, Germany’s largest Gothic cathedral. From the 157 meter high Dom you have a beautiful view over Cologne. Or just enjoy one of the German delicacies with a view of the beautiful cathedral!

The capital of Germany is also easy to travel in a sustainable way, such as by train. Within a few hours you can already find yourself in the center of hip Berlin. Visit numerous sights related to the city’s rich history; the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and much more. Outside of these sights, there is plenty of time to enjoy the delicious restaurants, trendy bars and lively nightlife!

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England - Canterbury 

Canterbury and its environs is one of the most beautiful places in southern England. It is also an ideal incentive destination to visit by train. Canterbury is known for its narrow medieval alleys, old city walls built by the Romans and half-timbered houses. Founded 591AD, Canterbury Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and considered one of the most beautiful in the world with Gothic and Romanesque features and stained glass windows.

An incentive trip to Canterbury can be combined with some activities in the country side. Think of golf lessons, tree adventures, Segway tours or bicycle tours, ideal as team activities! Also on this trip you can visit the ‘White cliffs of Dover’ and ‘Dover Castle’, one of the most iconic fortresses in England.

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Canterbury, England - incentive travel

France - Champagne

Discover the flavors and delicacies of this Burgundian region in France with your team. This can be done through unique experiences such as a tour with artisans who tell about their local products or a bicycle tour along all the regional products. The Champagne region is of course also known for its wines; from famous brands to small farms, enjoy a visit to various wineries on a wine tour combined with a picnic among the vineyards.

Within 5 hours drive you will find yourself in the great Champagne region of France! Due to this short travel time, this destination is already suitable for a 2-day trip!

Or choose to go to the Champagne region by train; then there is the possibility to make a transfer in Paris. This makes it possible to combine a trip between the Burgundian Champagne area and bustling Paris!

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