Experience Finland and Lapland

Hi, welcome to this blog!
Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anastasia Pop and I am doing my graduation assignment for UYUNI Travels! At the moment I am in my last phase of my education, Tourism Management in Rotterdam.

From an early age I loved to travel and wanted to discover the world! During my education I made several travels, including a trip to Helsinki and Lapland. This was a journey I will cherish forever. So, let me take you on this trip to Finland and Lapland with huskies, Northern lights, reindeers and snowmobiles! A journey UYUNI Travels can organize for your team as well.

Helsinki and Rovaniemi

We flew to Helsinki, the sustainable capital of Finland. Helsinki is a vibrant city located near the sea, surrounded by gorgeous islands and great green areas. Helsinki is populair because of its own dynamic food, great architecture, design and sauna. But what really makes Helsinki and its Nordic culture are the locals!

The day after we arrived in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. The trees in this area were beautifully covered with snow, like a fairytale. Lapland is the most Northern part of Finland and is know for the beautiful landscapes, reindeers, huskies and ofcourse the Northern lights! Did you know that Lapland has 24 hours of light a day in the summer and dark days in the winter which are brightened by the Northern Lights? In Rovaniemi we got big, warm overalls before visiting the city, as it was already -12 degrees!

In Rovaniemi we visited the Arktikum museum, where we learned more about the history of Lapland and the Arctic area. Afterwards we drove to our accommodation: wooden cottages high on a mountain, covered in meters of snow, straight out of a movie scene!


Huskies, Reindeer and Northern Lights!

The next day we visited a husky dog farm! Did you know that despite looking like wolves, huskies have incredibly sweet personalities? It was also amazing to see the puppies running around. After a while, it was time for a dog sled ride! The sledge was pulled by ten enthusiastic and happy dogs and you could tell they were having a great time! An experience to never forget.

Afterwards we headed to the next adventure; a sleigh ride pulled by a reindeer! Did you know that Lapland has just as many reindeers as inhabitants? The ride with the reindeer was slower than the one with the dogs, but was just as exciting. After this it was time to return to our cottages where some lovely warm drinks were ready.

In the middle of the night the Northern Lights were waiting for us! We roasted marshmallows with our professional guides while waiting for the Northern lights to appear. Then all of a sudden we saw the lights moving across the beautiful clear starry sky. It is so beautiful, really something you must see in your life!

Visiting Santa & Snow mobiling

Who wouldn’t want to meet the real Santa? The next morning we went to visit Santa’s Village. We met Santa Claus here, who could also speak quite a bit of Dutch and we stood on the border of the Arctic Circle.

After Santa’s Village it was time for a real adrenaline rush! Making a ride with the snowmobile! It was a bit cold but so great to be able to drive in this beautiful area and luckily, we still had our thick overalls! Unfortunately, we had to hand them in, we would have loved to take them home ;).

We went home with a memory of a lifetime! Would you also be interested in visiting this magical place with your team? UYUNI Travels would be happy to arrange the perfect trip for you!


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