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How special is it when an employee receives a mini holiday as a gift from your employer, as a reward for achieving targets, for example? In this blog you can read along with a participant of an incentive trip to Croatia.

 For weeks, the office has been talking about nothing else. We have known for some time that we are going on a journey with the entire team because the targets set for the past year have been more than achieved. A few weeks ago we were told that we are going to Croatia; the nice thing is that hardly anyone from our team of about 40 people has been to this destination.

Hvar, speedboat & cocktails


On the day of departure we gather early (very early!) at Schiphol for our three-day team trip. Everyone is relaxed and curious about what the next few days will bring. After a flight of 2 hours we arrive in Split where our guides welcome us and we leave for the port. So far everything is going well and the mood is high! The intention is that we go by speedboat to Hvar, a beautiful island off the coast of Croatia. You can not only party well there, but also enjoy delicious food, enjoy the beach or imagine yourself back in the past with a walking tour through 1 of the picturesque villages that Hvar is rich. We are excited! 

However, the faces of our tour guides are starting to look troubled… It turns out; there is a thunderstorm approaching making it too dangerous to go out on the water. A plan B is being sought diligently. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far; together we end up in a cozy pub on the harbor for the first beer of our team trip. With some delay – but in a great mood – we arrive at Hvar and we can check in at our beautiful luxurious hotel. 

We get a delicious welcome cocktail and have some time to freshen up before dinner in the harbor of Hvar. For the really nocturnal animals, there is still an opportunity to immerse themselves in the nightlife of Hvar and then get some hours of sleep before the program of day 2.


Beetle ride, local delicacies & gala dinner

After an extensive breakfast overlooking the harbor of Hvar, we are ready for what the day will bring us. We walk out of the hotel and… there they are! Neatly arranged one after the other in bright yellow, mint green, barbie pink, sky blue and royal orange: about 8 vintage Volkswagen Beetles. The smartphones are brought out en masse to capture these photogenic convertibles for the home front. We are then divided into groups and each group is assigned its own Beetle. After it has been democratically determined who is the best driver, we set out on a journey of discovery on Hvar. In the beginning it takes some getting used to get the critters under control, but soon everyone is enjoying the beautiful views, the fresh air and the conversations with colleagues.

Around noon we stop at Hora vineyard and ranch. Here we can stretch our legs and have a traditional Dalmatian lunch, made with homemade local products. We also get an explanation about the process of winemaking and everyone can of course also taste this. Unfortunately for the drivers! Somewhat rosy because of the wine and the sun, we drive back to the hotel where there is time for a refreshing dip in the hotel pool.

Then it’s time to relax and dress up for a delicious dinner. This time in a historic setting in a restaurant that is located in a kind of old ruin. The many candles, the white table linen and the fantastic food create a fairytale atmosphere. Afterwards there is still time for a final dance and drink in the harbor of Hvar.

Sailing & historical walk Split

And then… the last day of our trip arrived. We check out at our beautiful hotel and depart in James-Bond style with a catamaran back to Split. The boat trip is lovely; the weather is perfect, the boats very comfortable and the mood boisterous.

What will this last day of the team trip bring us? After docking, our guides will accompany us on a tour of Split. What a special city this is! It’s not surprising that scenes from Games of Thrones were filmed. The winding streets, medieval, fairytale atmosphere, palace with colonnade and cathedral are more than worth a visit. We fall from one surprise to the next, especially when we are surprised halfway through the tour by the polyphonic, acapella singing of a ‘klapa’ group.

Then we are released and there is time for some shopping. Souvenirs for the family, nice dresses, lavender, olive oil… plenty of opportunities to score a special memento of an unforgettable team trip.


Incentive example Croatia

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