5 sunny incentive destinations in and around Europe

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Sunny vibes, beautiful beaches, water activities, breath-taking desert landscapes, magical ancient cities… What is better than enjoying these things with lovely weather? UYUNI Travels offers incentive trips to sunny destinations inside and around Europe! We will provide amongst others inspiration and information about the possible activities and the best travel time for Croatia, Jordan, Malta, Morocco & Spain!


Looking for culture, nature and relaxation? Croatia is one of the sunny incentive destinations which offers all of these! The country has beautiful historic cities such as Split and Dubrovnik, amazing restaurants and venues and a wonderful coast. during your stay at the coast, you can enjoy the lovely beaches and many water activities like sailing, supping and kayaking!

Or participate in one of other activities that Croatia has to offer; such as an island tour with vintage beetle cars, Croatian cooking classes or a gala dinner in one of the ancient fortresses or a private beach party and BBQ’s! An incentive trip to Croatia is already possible in 3-days and due the many direct flights it is a very accessible destination to explore together with your team of clients! Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

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Beetle Car Rally tijdens een incentive reis naar Kroatië


Enjoy Petra in combination with magical sunsets, desert landscapes and ancient towns for the ultimate experience; Discover the lost city of Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Petra is an icon for Jordan; this city that was believed to be established in 312 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in the world! Also interesting to know is that currently only 15% of Petra is discovered; 85% is still underground.

The possibilities for incentive trips in Jordan are endless; from a unique dinner at the dead sea to a jeep tour through the Wadi Rum desert and from sleeping at a camp in the desert to a private party where you can dance under the stars! All this activities would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your next incentive trip, which is already possible in a 4-day trip! Feel free to contact us and we will make your wishes into a tailor-made travel proposal!

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A laidback vibe with lovely beaches and temperatures; that’s a way to describe the sunny Mediterranean island Malta! This island has the highest density of historic sight on the planet! Enjoy the colorful fishing village or Valletta, the capital, is on the world heritage list. The lively baroque architecture makes it an open-air museum that was built almost five centuries ago.

Besides that, Malta is an amazing destination due the beautiful coast, the excellent Maltese kitchen based on fish and good wines, the lively nightlife and friendly people. All these ingredients make malta a great destination for an incentive trip!

Can you imagine to do a 4×4 jeep tour to discover the highlights of the island, to be on a sailing boat, to have a dinner party at the beach or join one of the other amazing activities? If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

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Looking for spice and adventure? In Morocco you enter a completely different world, where you will experience a fairy tale! Discover the Atlas Mountains by a 4X4 rally ride, have a 1001-night dinner at a nomad camp in the wild Agafay desert, take a breath-taking hot air balloon ride during sunrise and stroll through the souks full of spices!

Can you imagine to discover all of these amazing things together with your team? There are so many possibilities to make your incentive trip to Morocco a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everybody! Because of the fact that a trip to Morocco is already possible in 3-days and due the many direct flight, this is a very accessible option for your next incentive trip!

Feel free to contact us and we can convert your wishes into an fully arranged and tailor made travel program..

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Flamenco dance, brave bulls, haciendas, historical centre and of-course the lovely temperatures… That’s where Andalusia is known for! Andalusia is the place where Spanish passion, poetry and drama collide.

This Spanish region offers amazing activities, such as biking tours through historical Sevilla , flamenco shows, cooking classes at a private hacienda, a tapas boat tour and many more. Of-course there will also be enough time for relaxation at the beach or buy some souvenirs.

Or discover Valencia, this city is known as the home of Paella and the city of Arts and Sciences. The old town of Valencia is packed with street art, cafés and amazing architecture. There are many activities for you incentive trip to this beautiful destination; for example a culinary tapas tour, catamaran sailing trips, beach party’s or a bicycle tour through the city.

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