Galapagos Islands travel

The legendary Galapagos Islands are an absolute highlight of Ecuador for your tailor-made travel and are only accessible through direct flights from Quito or Guayaquil. This vast archipelago of volcanic origin is home a host of wild animals on the land, in the sky and underwater, which are carefully protected in a thousand year old ecosystems, the place where Darwin’s theory of evolution originated. Giant tortoises, playful sea lions, blue-footed boobies, penguins, flamingos and iguanas, you can experience them extremely up close.

These are only some of the highlights. Whether you got for an all-inclusive cruise, island hopping or a hotel, you can enjoy these magical experiences at any time. Follow in Charles Darwin’s footsteps.

Below, you’ll find an example of an all-inclusive cruise, these are available in 4-day, 5-day and 8-day form and in different price ranges. The programme differs depending on which boat you choose. You can see an example of a Galapagos trip with hotels in the Ecuador Compact round trip. Feel free to contact us to explore the different possibilities.


Day 1 - Quito

Welcome to Quito, here starts your tailor-made travel to the Galapagos…

Upon arriving in Quito (2800m), there’ll be a private transfer to the hotel, located in the old colonial centre.

Day 2 - Quito

In the morning, the programme features a private city tour to the old urban district of Quito. You’ll be able to enjoy fine examples of colonial architecture. There’s a reason Quito is known as South America’s most well-preserved colonial city.

Aside from the town houses with blue windows frames, beautiful patios and plazas, some of the many churches, like the San Francisco, the oldest church and the cathedral are also among the sights. You’ll also visit the Plaza de la Independencia, the convent of San Agustín and the Archeological Museum. Also enjoy the lively streetscape and delicious culinary treats! You can freely spend the afternoon.


Day 3 - Galapagos

Transfer to the airport for a flight of around 2 hours to the Galapagos Islands, for an all-inclusive 4-day cruise. You’ll fly to Baltra; a small island north of Santa Cruz. On your way to the port of Ayora where you get on your ship, you can encounter a colony of wild giant tortoises, the pelicans fly overhead and sea lions welcome you on the pier. From the pier, you can enjoy the display of schools of golden rays, sharks and playful seals.

Depending on which cruise you choose, you explore different islands that give you a stunning close-up of wildlife. You moor in beautiful bays and can enjoy the volcanic evolution of the islands, the place where Darwin conceived his theory of evolution.


Day 4-6 - Galapagos

Under the supervision of a professional guide, you moor multiple times a day during the cruise for wildlife observations and learn a lot about the unique flora of the Galapagos Islands. On the white beaches, you’re welcomed by blue-footed boobies, stubborn iguanas, flamingos, pelicans and playful sea lions. Giant tortoises are hiding in the giant cactus forests and it’s an amazing experience to come face to face with one of these enormous creatures.

Day 4-6 - Galapagos

The underwater world of the Galapagos Islands is equally breathtaking. There are multiple stops that allow you to swim in the Pacific area and can snorkel among turtles, iguanas, penguins, sea lions, oceanic whitetip sharks and schools of rays and other fish. Tailor-made travel to the Galapagos is an experience to never forget!


Day 7 - Galapagos return flight

The last day, the guide will take you to the Baltra airport for a flight to Guayaquil or Quito. Transfer to the hotel.

* All accommodations with breakfast
* Galapagos cruise all-inclusive
* Mentioned meals
* Transport like mentioned in the program, except for domestic flights
* Excursions like mentioned in the program, unless stated otherwise


Not included:
* International and domestic flights
* Not mentioned meals
* Entry fees national parks, unless mentioned differently
* Optional and not mentioned services and excursions